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"Medical Education Monographs" are articles on a specific subject of general interest to medical educators. Many of the submissions will be reviews of topics of general interest or "how to" papers (i.e. professionalism education, research methods in education, lecture techniques). The length of a monograph will be dependent on the determination of the authors of the needed length to adequately cover their subject but may be shortened on review. "Monographs" will be published twice per year (March and October) as a supplement to the Journal of the International Association of Medical Science Educators (JIAMSE) along with "Innovations in Medical Education."  Two or more monographs will be published per issue. The deadlines for submitting manuscripts for review will be February 1 and September 1 of each year.

 Interested parties should submit a one-page description of a proposed monograph to the Editor-in-Chief of JIAMSE, Dr. Peter de Jong,  If suitable, an invitation to submit a full manuscript will be issued.

 Authors should consult the JIAMSE "Instructions to Authors" for information regarding authorship requirements, title page, general structure and reference citation styles. Each monograph should include a title page, abstract and references. The body of the text should include sections and divisions deemed necessary by the authors to present the desired subject matter.

All invited monographs will be peer reviewed and comments sent back to the lead author. Final acceptance will be contingent upon acceptable response to the review.


Copyright regulations

To maintain and protect the Author's and Association's ownership and rights and to afford educators with the opportunity to publish in JIAMSE, IAMSE requires that the senior author assign a copyright agreement to IAMSE on behalf of all the authors at the time of submission of a manuscript.

In the copyright transfer agreement signed by the author, IAMSE grants to that author and all coauthors, the rights to republish any part of their article in secondary publications (print, CD-ROM, and other electronic formats) for which they are authors, on the condition that credit is noted for the original JIAMSE publication. This copyright also extends to cover all artwork, photographs, and any other intellectual property published in the journal.


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