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“Maximizing Your Leadership Potential” Part I

A Practical Approach to Build Leadership Effectiveness

Jeff Morzinski Ph.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin



Leadership is a key skill set in academic medical settings. From early in their careers faculty are expected to perform successfully in leadership roles, such as those encountered on research teams, curriculum planning projects or new initiatives on quality or safety. These expectations exist in highly complex environments where the future can be uncertain. Stakes are high in many leadership situations, with outcomes associated with funding, efficiency, productivity and morale.

This seminar will provide medical scientists with practical tools to advance their leadership skills. The session begins with a template to organize leadership development in categories that range from “macro” to “micro” skills. Next will be a four-part framework for diagnosing leadership gaps and for planning leadership actions. This framework has been used successfully in several long-standing leadership courses. We will apply the framework to a case example, as participants use a worksheet to see the four frames in action. The session will close with “lessons from the field” along with select resources for improving future leadership effectiveness.

Participants in this seminar will be able to:

  1. Describe an organizing template they can apply to their own leadership development
  2. List the four parts of a tested framework for diagnosing gaps and implementing leadership actions
  3. Apply the framework to a case example, completing a detailed worksheet
  4. Discuss lessons from the field and share resources with co-participants.





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