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Webcast Audio Seminar Series


“Maximizing Your Leadership Potential” Part I


Everyone can be (must be) an Influential (and Effective) Leader

Lynn Curry, Ph.D.
CurryCorp Inc.



Organizational health and success depends fundamentally on the quality of shared leadership.  That means regardless of the title we bear, we have a responsibility to our organization and to our colleagues in that organization to help it be a healthy place to work and to succeed in its organizational mission.  This shared obligation for leadership is particularly acute in the academic health care centers where all faculty members have a permanent and all encompassing responsibility as role models for students and junior faculty.  Therefore, we all need to learn to optimize our day-to-day formal and informal leadership opportunities.  An important piece of that skill is understanding the contribution of cognitive style to interpersonal relationships and leadership in general.  In this one hour Audio Seminar, Dr. Curry will provide an overview of the role of cognitive style in formal and informal leadership.  Particular examples and experiences will be highlighted from different stages of the academic career.




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