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Webcast Audio Seminar Series


“Maximizing Your Leadership Potential” Part I


Leading People within Organizations: Communicating for Performance

Dr. Paula Bartholome



“The greatest problem with communication is the illusion it has been accomplished.” This quote from George Bernard Shaw may sum up how many organizational leaders feel. Leaders are expected to set an organizational vision, chart a course toward it, and coordinate with and through others to get there. Communication is  crucial to achieve alignment and movement toward organizational or individual goals and how communication is done is as important – or perhaps more important – than its specific content. Paula Bartholome will start this one-hour webcast by discussing what defines a leader and characteristics of effective leader communication. She will then show how effective communication supports organizational performance and contributes to building and maintaining the necessary interpersonal relationships and open environment where teamwork, collaboration and mutual respect support performance. Lastly, she will highlight how to approach two common communication challenges leaders face when trying to generate action:

· inspiring commitment to organizational initiatives
· providing performance feedback




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