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Curriculum Evaluation as a Quality Improvement

Thomas R. Viggiano, M.D., M.Ed.
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Internal Medicine
Mayo Clinic and Medical School
Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A.



In 1996, Mayo Medical School created and implemented a new curriculum evaluation system that is student driven, and based upon the principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI).  The uniqueness of this evaluation process is in the positive benefit to curriculum when students become fully engaged and are entrusted with the program.  Several other schools within the United States have either now adopted this system, or are developing permutations for incorporation into their own evaluation programs.  Representatives from two such schools will be at this Audio Seminar to confirm that it can function independent of class size (ranging from 50 to 225 students per class).

In this one-hour IAMSE Audio Seminar, Dr. Viggiano will outline the basics of this evaluation system and describe the experience of the Mayo Medical School.  He will concentrate on relating proven methods for achieving student cooperation and enthusiasm.  Participants will be provided with example evaluation forms and student-generated questions that will be posted on the IAMSE website specifically for this session.





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