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Science Education in a Medical Curriculum: Teaching Science or Training Scientists?

Friedo Dekker, Leiden University Medical Center


Medical students deserve proper education in which science plays a central role. Traditionally basic sciences like anatomy, physiology, and pathology are a firm basis of a medical curriculum, with a growing share of a molecular approach. However, to what extent does this teaching contributes to scientific thinking in medical students? Do we really train scientists? Should we train scientists among these students anyway? In this presentation we will explore different aims and means of scientific education. Some Dutch experiences will be shared, and results in terms of scientific output of medical students will be presented.

Friedo Dekker (1962) is a professor in clinical epidemiology at the Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands. His main research is related to renal medicine and outcomes of patients on dialysis, while his main teaching is related to scientific training and clinical epidemiology to medical students, graduates, and nephrologists. In addition he is head of the Center for Innovation in Medical Education at the LUMC.

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